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new hair!

i have a picture up on my myspace of my new hair.  if you be cool, you'll check it out. []

i went to see flyboys over the weekend [james franco is the hottest thing on the planet.]  it was actually surprisingly adorable, so i wasn't too disappointed.  that means go see it.  and not EVERYONE dies in the end.  yayyyy!

& have i mentioned that john makyer is my guilty pleasure?

oh, ps, has anyone seen all the king's men?  because we're supposed to go on a field trip for ap english and see it, but i have a test in apush that day.  rawrrr.  i really want to ask my apush teacher if i can take it earlier or something.  because, hello, mark ruffalo as the hottie superawesome doctor?  wouldn't miss that for the world.

love <3
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