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being lonely & freaking bored.

school is so boring.  we aren't doing ANYTHING.  i've had homework.  what the hell.  everyone's like 'oh, if you got a's at your old school, you're gonna get c's here.'  bullshit.

this jerk in my apush class gave me a 2-4 out of nine for my essay.  asshole.  the other guy gave me a 7-8.  it's like, come on.  i think i know what they're looking for a little bit more than you.  you know, since i've already taken an AP class.  and if you can remember what revolt happened with those indians in that specific year, good for you.  but i don't write essays that specifically.  so get your head out of your ass.  man, i was mad.

i've had a lot on my mind  last night i guess.  i'm really lonely.  and i realized something last night.  and of course, i'm going to be a bitch and not give specifics.  but it was a LONG walk to school this morning.  i was so upset.  and this song makes me a little sad too.  but it's a SUPER DUPER song.  so go download it.

we started tennis in gym today.  and i'm actually not terrible at it.  sweet.

peace out.

and please email me or leave me a comment or something.  when i say i'm alone, i'm really not kidding.  and hearing from friends always makes me feel better.  <3
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