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the rembrandts & procrastinating.

so, i'm sitting here writing this listening to the theme song of friends [you know you love it], and i was just looking at myspace pictures of people i know from alabama.  and i just kinda realized, this is a completely new chapter in my life.  it might be the friends song talking, but i feel really happy right now.  even though i don't want to go to band camp and stand there alone, or go to school on the first day and have no one to sit with, i'm totally okay with having to do that.  the people here [or at least most of the ones i've met] pretty much suck.  i've met one person that i like.  and she's busy all the time.  poo.  and, if school gets really shitty, i always have friends in alabama to call.  so, to summarize that whole paragraph:  I AM SO PUMPED FOR SCHOOL.

i just don't want to do summer work.  but i'll get over it.  i'm so excited to make friends and get school supplies and vaccuum out my backpack and wear a cute outfit on the first day and fall in love with my classes and have a ton of fun finding clubs to be in AND ALL THAT JAZZ.

and i've been realizing that i'm really glad i moved from alabama.  i mean, i REALLY miss some people [um.  kim and scott.], but i wish they were HERE instead of me being there.  cleveland is a really cool place.  there's tons of stuff to do.  and i'm realizing that, although it appeared i had a ton of friends, i had drifted apart from a lot of them.  like sophie.  we weren't really that good of friends that last year, which made me so sad, because she's one cool chick.  but other than her, kim, scott, and lizzy, i didn't really have any good friends.  sarah h and i weren't really close that last year which really made me sad, because she's a great friend.  so, in short, i don't really miss alabama.  i miss the people there.  and not that many of them.  so yeah.

i should probably go and read now.

please comment.  even though i don't miss alabama that much, i'm still lonely.

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