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custard & body fat.

so, just as a note.  the song that is currently on my music thing.  go listen to it.  it's a terrific song.  because lucinda owns you.  for sure.  it's one of the songs my dad and i both really like.  yay.

today i went to get ice cream with my grandparents.  that's always an experience.  you know.  going anywhere with grandparents.  yeah.  but i got a chocolate milkshake and it was really good.

and today was my measurement day.  it's been a whole month.  holy poo.  i lost percent body fat.  and all the women were like "OHMIGOSH!  that's SO good!"  and i'm  okay.  whatever.  i lost an inch on my waist.  like that has to get any smaller.  rawr.  but i feel pretty (oh so pretty), so it's all good.

that's absolutely it. nothing is happening.  save me.

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