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mummies & quilts.

i'm watching the mummy right now.  you know you love that movie almost as much as i do.  don't try to deny it.

i'm making a quilt!  it's really neato.  it's pink and white.  and it's going to look awesome in my soon-to-be-turquoise room.  and i'm almost done.  yay for joanna.

i have almost three weeks left until school starts.  and i'm so not excited.  at least i don't start next wednesday.  sorry, alabama friends.  i'd rather be there with you <3

my grandparents are here.  we're having a great time playing cards and such.

i'm not even close to finishing my summer work.  i'm switching books so maybe i'll be more interested to start a new one.  whatever.  the people i've talked to said sometimes they have four hours of homework every night.  and i'm like..uh, yeah right.  i'll stop at about an hour and a half.  if even that.  my attention span is not that long.  that's my mom's fault.  it must be a genetic trait or something.  i think she has adhd or something.  she can't talk about one thing for ten minutes.  it's insane.

i haven't really been keeping up with the book, but i'm going to try and start again.  i walked barefoot in the grass (actually, i did that more than once.  it's quite relaxing), and tomorrow i'm going to start back up again doing them every day.  yay.

so, it's almost one in the morning, so i'm going to bed now.  xoxo.
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