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& really bad eggs.

so, if you can't tell from my subject, i'm really pissed that it's only wednesday.  because i want it to be friday.  because then i get to go to the movies with my daddy.  yayyyy.  i watched the first pirates a few days ago, and just had the time of my life with it.  i really love those movies.

and, also, you should know that i have absolutely no life right now.  i stayed up until three last night so i could watch viva la bam.  because i have nothing else to do right about now.  other than study.  and go out to dinner to celebrate me getting my ap score.

YESSSS, I GOT IT.  i would say what i got, but i haven't even told my best friend yet.  because i can't get her on the freaking phone.  and i think i should tell her before i tell the rest of the world (or just everyone who reads my myspace.  which is like...four people?).  but yeah.  anywho.

i'm going to be full of complaints today.  i had to wake up at 8 this morning since some guy was coming over to fix something.  so i set my alarm for 7:50, and my parents woke me up at 7:40.  god forbid i get a decent night's sleep.  not that i was expecting one with 5 hours of sleep last night.  but still.  that extra ten minutes would've been nice.  oh, and my zen is broken again.  my dad said he'd replace it, but i don't know with what.  i really don't want an ipod, because i already have 500 songs that i can't put onto an ipod.  so what the helllll.

and, i swear, all the girls in cleveland are anorexic.  other than me.  it's insane.  i have not met one fat person.  not one.  is that not pathetic?  i mean, come on.  they have eight starbucks coffee places in fifteen miles.  you'd think they'd all be obese.  but apparently not.

and my school's marching band.  DAMN.  they have so many rules, and they're so stuck up.  they're like..oooh we're the pride of the city.  and i'm like...heyyyy, i heard you play at some parade and you SUCK.  majorly.  it's not even funny.  they're horrendous.  and the only reason they get to go to china instead of auburn is because the people here can afford it.  whattttt.  and people actually go, apparently.  man, i'd be happy with disney world again.  seriously.  and in china, there's not amusement park.  that'll be oodles of fun.  at least we get to see some neat stuff while we're there.

okay, i'm done.  xoxo.
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