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lake erie & pirate ships.

my parents and i went to a party my dad's boss was throwing for all the people who work for her.  it was fun.  yeah, a bunch of kinda weird old people sitting around talking about university stuff.  okay, not really.  there were two pregnant ladies, which was kinda amusing, because they brought their little kids along with them.  yay.  it was cool.  and there was good food, so it was okay.

so, my dad's boss has a lake house right on lake erie.  so my mom and i went down and walked in the water.  and, i have to say, i don't think it's fair to call it a lake.  you can't see the other side.  which is canada.  whatttt.

oh, and no AP scores.  STILL.  alksdfjlaksdfjlasdf.  if i don't get them tomorrow i'm going to freak out.

my dad and i are going to see pirates (he didn't go with me and my mom last time).  yay.

i was really lonely today, and there was no chocolate in our house (or popcorn.  or chips.  or soda.  what the HELL.), so my mommy made me some hot chocolate, and we watched law and order.  yay.  and now i'm watching beyond the break.  and the evil girl gets her butt kicked.  finally.  took them long enough.

and we're going to visit my great aunt verna next weekend.  yay.  i haven't seen her in like...ten years.

and i miss my friends.  like kim.  and scott.  alskdfjlasd.

joanna = lonely.  make her feel better =)

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