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pirates & rejects.

i've renewed my love for all american rejects.  yes.  the song that i'm listening to is quite good.  kind of like the guy version of 'you oughta know'.  shweet.  and everyone should know how much i love alanis.

i went to see potc 2 with my mom today (read: i have made a total of zero friends.  and, no, i'm not counting kirsten yet.), and it was supa good.  i've changed my mind about the whole orlando-bloom-is-so-not-that-hot-thing.  he looks quite nice without a shirt on.  yay.  and johnny depp is super duper.  yay.  but other than that, the movie was actually really good.  i didn't think it would be as good as the first one (which i love to pieces), and i actually thought the second one was better.  they went all out on special effects, and they totally included something in the movie that i just read in a book i loved (i won't say, just in case, but go read the she, by carol plum-ucci.  it's really good.)  so i'll shut up now.

it's raining.  and i can't hear my music.  arghhh.  (ohh, i'm pirate-y already.)

oh.  and my zen is broken.  which makes me want to cry.  i'm not kidding.  i almost cried today because of it.  i can't download songs onto it or even turn it on without it freezing, so i'm totally going to call those people tomorrow and be like "helllll no.  fix it!"

love you all.  xoxo.
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