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rainstorms & rapids.

kim and i went to the movies yesterday (we saw the lake house.  it was good.  really good.  but not as funny as nachoooo.  go see it.) adn we rode the rapid for the first time on our own.  yayyy.  claps for us.  and we didn't get lost or anything.  it was great.  and we got ice cream.  yay.

today we're going shopping for a certain someone's birthday present.  and then we're going to baskin robbins with this girl named jenna who lives on my street and is very nicely talking to me so i'm not completely alone here.

last night, we were driving back from dinner, and we had to stop and get gas.  we were just sitting in the car minding our own business, and then we saw this huge cloud above us.  i kept saying it was smog and how we were polluting the environment, but it was really a huge rain cloud.  and, man, we got a lot of rain.

and apparently, so did bingy?  i have no idea if my friends are okay or nottttt.  haha, now that i think about it, it's probably no big deal and i'm freaking out for no reason.  arhghhh.

i haven't charged my cell phone in like....5 days.  sorry if you were trying to reach me.  i just don't get around to things.

so leave some love!  fool.  or else i'll come to your house and smack you.  rawrrrr.
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