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five months/fifteen days. [17 Mar 2007|03:20pm]
[ mood | devious ]

it's been a while.  and i got my haircut.  again.

so, if anyone still reads this, comment back.  b/c if no one does, i'll just delete this account.

peace out.


2* JoAnNa

new hair! [02 Oct 2006|09:06pm]
[ mood | excited [about this rad hair]. ]

i have a picture up on my myspace of my new hair.  if you be cool, you'll check it out. [myspace.com/joannabanana340]

i went to see flyboys over the weekend [james franco is the hottest thing on the planet.]  it was actually surprisingly adorable, so i wasn't too disappointed.  that means go see it.  and not EVERYONE dies in the end.  yayyyy!

& have i mentioned that john makyer is my guilty pleasure?

oh, ps, has anyone seen all the king's men?  because we're supposed to go on a field trip for ap english and see it, but i have a test in apush that day.  rawrrr.  i really want to ask my apush teacher if i can take it earlier or something.  because, hello, mark ruffalo as the hottie superawesome doctor?  wouldn't miss that for the world.

love <3

2* JoAnNa

i'm goin' emooooo. [30 Sep 2006|05:28pm]
[ mood | lonely ]

i'm feeling really lonely and out of place right now, so love would be appreciated.

we won our homecoming game today.  yay.  by the time the game had ended, almost the whole band at left.  you know, the girls had to go and get their hair done for homecoming or whatever.  and the guys just skipped i guess.  and before you ask, i'm not going so you'll have to wait a year for pictures of me in a dress.

but i am getting my hair cut on monday, so i'll try and put a picture up on myspace.  shweet.

again, love please.

and email me and tell me what's going on in your life and stuff.  because i don't have one, and i need to like vicariously through other people.


1* JoAnNa

us open & new jobs. [10 Sep 2006|07:24pm]
[ mood | [yawn] ]

so am i the only person who's been watching the us open all weekend instead of going out and making friends?  anyone?  okay.  yeah it's all i've done this weekend, other than study for my apush quiz on monday.  and i'm really pissed.  because my dad broke our tv.  and i want to know if federer beat roddick.  if he didn't i'll cry.  seriously.

oh, and i'm trying to watch a movie.  and my mom won't stop vaccuming.  argh.

we're reading invisible man in english and i have no idea who in hell let high schoolers read this book.  it's like...r rated.  it's creepy.  there's violence and sex and incest and all this crazy stuff.

started my new job today.  had a blast.  you know, sitting around in an office for 8 hours answering phones.  sweet.  at least it's 7 bucks an hour.  new jeans you will be mine.  bwahaha.

so fill me in on what's going on back in alabama and new york.  because i miss you guys to pieces.


2* JoAnNa

being lonely & freaking bored. [05 Sep 2006|05:35pm]
[ mood | confused ]

school is so boring.  we aren't doing ANYTHING.  i've had like..no homework.  what the hell.  everyone's like 'oh, if you got a's at your old school, you're gonna get c's here.'  bullshit.

this jerk in my apush class gave me a 2-4 out of nine for my essay.  asshole.  the other guy gave me a 7-8.  it's like, come on.  i think i know what they're looking for a little bit more than you.  you know, since i've already taken an AP class.  and if you can remember what revolt happened with those indians in that specific year, good for you.  but i don't write essays that specifically.  so get your head out of your ass.  man, i was mad.

i've had a lot on my mind since..um.  last night i guess.  i'm really lonely.  and i realized something last night.  and of course, i'm going to be a bitch and not give specifics.  but it was a LONG walk to school this morning.  i was so upset.  and this song makes me a little sad too.  but it's a SUPER DUPER song.  so go download it.

we started tennis in gym today.  and i'm actually not terrible at it.  sweet.

peace out.

and please email me or leave me a comment or something.  when i say i'm alone, i'm really not kidding.  and hearing from friends always makes me feel better.  <3

3* JoAnNa

band camp & growing up. [28 Aug 2006|04:47pm]
[ mood | cynical ]

so, the reason i haven't written anything in a week is because i've been forced to go to band camp for eight hours a day for four days.  and then our first game was on friday.  it was a horrific experience [okay, it wasn't that bad.  they gave us pizza on thursday], and nothing really happened.  the game on friday sucked, not only because we lost [bwahaha], but because we don't play stands music.  so we sit there and watch the game and not pay attention.  we played the fight song ONCE in the stands.  it's like..where did you put your school spirit?  did you leave it on the bus [the one that broke down in the middle of the trip there].  yeah.  not a good week.  there are some cool freshman clarinets though.  yay.

i realized in the shower this morning [which is where i do most of my philosophical thinking, y'know] that i have to take the SATs this year.  and i started freaking out.  because i have two more years before college.  ohmigosh.  is anyone else terrified by that?  or is it just me?  

so, orientation was today.  and it started at one.  and i had to walk there in the rain.  thanks a lot, weatherman.  so, i got there early, and i sat in the auditorium away from other people [because those freshman girls..i was afraid one of them would poke my eye out with their bony arms or something].  so, people kept going past me in my row to get to the seats at the other side of the row [like the other side had been blocked up or something.  what's wrong with you people?].  so, this girl was sitting near me, and she kept getting up to talk to her friends and going past me.  and every time i would politely move my legs so she could get past me.  around the 7th time she's barged past me i was thinking to myself  "you know, there are two little words that would make your inexcusable rudeness a little more tolerable.  they happen to be 'excuse' and 'me'.  your mother obviously never taught you those words.  i should smack her for all the bruises on my knees from all the times you ran into my legs with  your freaking bony knees.  DAMN IT."  so i was pretty ticked.  and then we toured the school and such, which was a complete waste of time.  yeah.  so i'm pretty cynical right now.  and it starts raining again right when i'm walking home.  and i'm thinking, "god, do you have a grudge on me or something?  seriously."

so school starts tomorrow.  and i don't want to go.  the only good thing is that my little group's tour guide person molly told me i have really good teachers.  yay.  oh, and ap us history is the hardest class in the entire school.  thank you.  thank you SO much.

so yeah.  leave me some leave so i don't DIE.


6* JoAnNa

the rembrandts & procrastinating. [11 Aug 2006|12:52am]
[ mood | thinking & being happy. ]

so, i'm sitting here writing this listening to the theme song of friends [you know you love it], and i was just looking at myspace pictures of people i know from alabama.  and i just kinda realized, this is a completely new chapter in my life.  it might be the friends song talking, but i feel really happy right now.  even though i don't want to go to band camp and stand there alone, or go to school on the first day and have no one to sit with, i'm totally okay with having to do that.  the people here [or at least most of the ones i've met] pretty much suck.  i've met one person that i like.  and she's busy all the time.  poo.  and, if school gets really shitty, i always have friends in alabama to call.  so, to summarize that whole paragraph:  I AM SO PUMPED FOR SCHOOL.

i just don't want to do summer work.  but i'll get over it.  i'm so excited to make friends and get school supplies and vaccuum out my backpack and wear a cute outfit on the first day and fall in love with my classes and have a ton of fun finding clubs to be in AND ALL THAT JAZZ.

and i've been realizing that i'm really glad i moved from alabama.  i mean, i REALLY miss some people [um.  kim and scott.], but i wish they were HERE instead of me being there.  cleveland is a really cool place.  there's tons of stuff to do.  and i'm realizing that, although it appeared i had a ton of friends, i had drifted apart from a lot of them.  like sophie.  we weren't really that good of friends that last year, which made me so sad, because she's one cool chick.  but other than her, kim, scott, and lizzy, i didn't really have any good friends.  sarah h and i weren't really close that last year which really made me sad, because she's a great friend.  so, in short, i don't really miss alabama.  i miss the people there.  and not that many of them.  so yeah.

i should probably go and read now.

please comment.  even though i don't miss alabama that much, i'm still lonely.


4* JoAnNa

custard & body fat. [08 Aug 2006|04:10pm]
[ mood | warm & fuzzy inside. ]

so, just as a note.  the song that is currently on my music thing.  go listen to it.  it's a terrific song.  because lucinda owns you.  for sure.  it's one of the songs my dad and i both really like.  yay.

today i went to get ice cream with my grandparents.  that's always an experience.  you know.  going anywhere with grandparents.  yeah.  but i got a chocolate milkshake and it was really good.

and today was my measurement day.  it's been a whole month.  holy poo.  i lost like..one percent body fat.  and all the women were like "OHMIGOSH!  that's SO good!"  and i'm like..um.  okay.  whatever.  i lost an inch on my waist.  like that has to get any smaller.  rawr.  but i feel pretty (oh so pretty), so it's all good.

that's absolutely it. nothing is happening.  save me.


5* JoAnNa

mummies & quilts. [05 Aug 2006|12:37am]
[ mood | a little bit odd. ]

i'm watching the mummy right now.  you know you love that movie almost as much as i do.  don't try to deny it.

i'm making a quilt!  it's really neato.  it's pink and white.  and it's going to look awesome in my soon-to-be-turquoise room.  and i'm almost done.  yay for joanna.

i have almost three weeks left until school starts.  and i'm so not excited.  at least i don't start next wednesday.  sorry, alabama friends.  i'd rather be there with you <3

my grandparents are here.  we're having a great time playing cards and such.

i'm not even close to finishing my summer work.  i'm switching books so maybe i'll be more interested to start a new one.  whatever.  the people i've talked to said sometimes they have four hours of homework every night.  and i'm like..uh, yeah right.  i'll stop at about an hour and a half.  if even that.  my attention span is not that long.  that's my mom's fault.  it must be a genetic trait or something.  i think she has adhd or something.  she can't talk about one thing for ten minutes.  it's insane.

i haven't really been keeping up with the book, but i'm going to try and start again.  i walked barefoot in the grass (actually, i did that more than once.  it's quite relaxing), and tomorrow i'm going to start back up again doing them every day.  yay.

so, it's almost one in the morning, so i'm going to bed now.  xoxo.

6* JoAnNa

bug bites & babysitting. [26 Jul 2006|06:06pm]
[ mood | super ]

i babysat two kids last night (the boy was 3 and a half, and the girl was five and a half).  remind me to never babysit again.  that was traumatic.  the girl decided that since her parents weren't there, she was going to party, i guess.  well.  i wasn't cool with that.  i eventually got them to go to bed thirty freaking minutes after their bedtime.  the boy was cute.  he couldn't sleep because he missed his mommy, so he ended up sleeping on the floor?  weird kid.  i won't go into detail, but i was absolutely exhausted.  i was there for six hours.  i've been falling asleep around two in the morning lately, but last night i crashed at about 11:30.  goodness.  at least they paid well.  so i can't babysit for a while or i'll go insane.

and i got bug bites from being outside with them for so long.  ouch.

i'm going to make a quilt (ahhh yay).  it's going to be hot pink and white.  yay.  and, as soon as i get the glue off of my wall (from the border that was on there) we're going to paint it.  yayyyy.  so i'm hopefully going to get everything done tomorrow.  i've been procrastinating so much.

so leave me some love.  merci beaucoup.  xoxo.

2* JoAnNa

raking & psychotic breakdowns. [23 Jul 2006|05:04pm]
[ mood | unbelievably bitchy. ]

i went to visit my great aunt verna today.  it was neat-o.  she has two really cute dogs.  one of them's named raimey eliot (which i thought was a super cool name for a dog, especially a cocker spaniel).  and we went to a chinese resteraunt.  yay.  she has tons of cool stories about my grandma (her sister).

i slept on the drive home, and then my mom sprung some chores on me.  well.  i'm behind on my reading for ap english, and i haven't written my essay for us history yet.  so i'm pretty pissed right now.  that great day i had yesterday?  those good feelings flew right out the window after i almost had a freaking breakdown in my front yard.  the rake kept getting caught in my headphones, and they would jerk out of my ears.  well, that hurts like a bitch.  so i threw the rake across the yard.  and i'm sure the people walking by at the time thought i was some psychopath who escaped from the nearest loony bin.  maybe i am going crazy.  so now i'm way too pissed to read anything.  radjflkasjdflakjerl.


3* JoAnNa

monk & pom-pom hats. [21 Jul 2006|11:05pm]
[ mood | high on life. ]

whenever there's a new episode of monk on (ahem, every friday.  and if you didn't know that, shame on you), i'm intensely happy.  amazingly, beyond the break and psych are on the SAME DAY.  that's amazing.  that way i can make some popcorn and just veg out for two and a half hours.  shweet.

i had a dream last night that i was pregnant.  i was like ohhhhhmigosh.  i'm only 15.  what is up with this.

and i'm wearing my blue and white and green hat with the little pom-pom on top.  with pigtails.  ohmygoodnessgracious i have way too much fun with life.  and mix that with listening to what's my age again (i heart blink 182).  crazy joanna.

there's nothing going on in my life right now.  ohmygosh.  i'm so bored.

entertain me PLEASEEEEE.

xoxo.  i miss everyone.

3* JoAnNa

& really bad eggs. [19 Jul 2006|09:13am]
[ mood | bitchy ]

so, if you can't tell from my subject, i'm really pissed that it's only wednesday.  because i want it to be friday.  because then i get to go to the movies with my daddy.  yayyyy.  i watched the first pirates a few days ago, and just had the time of my life with it.  i really love those movies.

and, also, you should know that i have absolutely no life right now.  i stayed up until three last night so i could watch viva la bam.  because i have nothing else to do right about now.  other than study.  and go out to dinner to celebrate me getting my ap score.

YESSSS, I GOT IT.  i would say what i got, but i haven't even told my best friend yet.  because i can't get her on the freaking phone.  and i think i should tell her before i tell the rest of the world (or just everyone who reads my myspace.  which is like...four people?).  but yeah.  anywho.

i'm going to be full of complaints today.  i had to wake up at 8 this morning since some guy was coming over to fix something.  so i set my alarm for 7:50, and my parents woke me up at 7:40.  god forbid i get a decent night's sleep.  not that i was expecting one with 5 hours of sleep last night.  but still.  that extra ten minutes would've been nice.  oh, and my zen is broken again.  my dad said he'd replace it, but i don't know with what.  i really don't want an ipod, because i already have 500 songs that i can't put onto an ipod.  so what the helllll.

and, i swear, all the girls in cleveland are anorexic.  other than me.  it's insane.  i have not met one fat person.  not one.  is that not pathetic?  i mean, come on.  they have eight starbucks coffee places in fifteen miles.  you'd think they'd all be obese.  but apparently not.

and my school's marching band.  DAMN.  they have so many rules, and they're so stuck up.  they're like..oooh we're the pride of the city.  and i'm like...heyyyy, i heard you play at some parade and you SUCK.  majorly.  it's not even funny.  they're horrendous.  and the only reason they get to go to china instead of auburn is because the people here can afford it.  whattttt.  and people actually go, apparently.  man, i'd be happy with disney world again.  seriously.  and in china, there's not amusement park.  that'll be oodles of fun.  at least we get to see some neat stuff while we're there.

okay, i'm done.  xoxo.

2* JoAnNa

lake erie & pirate ships. [16 Jul 2006|09:17pm]
[ mood | loved by my mommy. yay! ]

my parents and i went to a party my dad's boss was throwing for all the people who work for her.  it was fun.  yeah, a bunch of kinda weird old people sitting around talking about university stuff.  okay, not really.  there were two pregnant ladies, which was kinda amusing, because they brought their little kids along with them.  yay.  it was cool.  and there was good food, so it was okay.

so, my dad's boss has a lake house right on lake erie.  so my mom and i went down and walked in the water.  and, i have to say, i don't think it's fair to call it a lake.  you can't see the other side.  which is canada.  whatttt.

oh, and no AP scores.  STILL.  alksdfjlaksdfjlasdf.  if i don't get them tomorrow i'm going to freak out.

my dad and i are going to see pirates (he didn't go with me and my mom last time).  yay.

i was really lonely today, and there was no chocolate in our house (or popcorn.  or chips.  or soda.  what the HELL.), so my mommy made me some hot chocolate, and we watched law and order.  yay.  and now i'm watching beyond the break.  and the evil girl gets her butt kicked.  finally.  took them long enough.

and we're going to visit my great aunt verna next weekend.  yay.  i haven't seen her in like...ten years.

and i miss my friends.  like kim.  and scott.  alskdfjlasd.

joanna = lonely.  make her feel better =)

3* JoAnNa

ap scores & expo boards. (that almost rhymes.) [14 Jul 2006|11:49pm]
[ mood | devious (as always). ]

so everyone's getting their ap scores back (ahem, other than joanna.  yeah.), and some people are all 'man!  i got a three!  i'm really pissed!'  and i guess i understand that, since the person who said that is like...uber smart and everything.  but come on.  i'm just happy i remembered my freaking name when i got the test.  i'm really worried that i got a one.  and, no, i don't think that's silly.  it could (and will) totally happen.  so there.  and i'm pissed because i haven't gotten my scores back.  damn you people!  arhghhh.

i got an expo board today.  and, yes, i'm having fun with it.  thank you for asking.  i've almost used up the crappy markers we got.

i watched monk tonight.  it made me happy.

i'm thinking of forcing my dad to go see pirates with me...soooo he can see it.  because he hasn't.  alright, i just want to go again.  plus, the movie theater we go to has really good popcorn.  and HUGE theaters.  that usually have no one in them.  yay.

oh, and we have like...200 channels on our tv.  and nothing is on.  other than celebrity death match (ahh.  that's love.)..but i've already seen that one.  and it was lame.  who cares about ben stiller getting his arm broken off?  not me.

i'm so bored.  and i still have a ton of summer work to do.  alskdjflkasdf.

love to all.  xoxo.

9* JoAnNa

pirates & rejects. [11 Jul 2006|11:50pm]
[ mood | predatory is a cool word. ]

i've renewed my love for all american rejects.  yes.  the song that i'm listening to is quite good.  kind of like the guy version of 'you oughta know'.  shweet.  and everyone should know how much i love alanis.

i went to see potc 2 with my mom today (read: i have made a total of zero friends.  and, no, i'm not counting kirsten yet.), and it was supa good.  i've changed my mind about the whole orlando-bloom-is-so-not-that-hot-thing.  he looks quite nice without a shirt on.  yay.  and johnny depp is super duper.  yay.  but other than that, the movie was actually really good.  i didn't think it would be as good as the first one (which i love to pieces), and i actually thought the second one was better.  they went all out on special effects, and they totally included something in the movie that i just read in a book i loved (i won't say, just in case, but go read the she, by carol plum-ucci.  it's really good.)  so i'll shut up now.

it's raining.  and i can't hear my music.  arghhh.  (ohh, i'm pirate-y already.)

oh.  and my zen is broken.  which makes me want to cry.  i'm not kidding.  i almost cried today because of it.  i can't download songs onto it or even turn it on without it freezing, so i'm totally going to call those people tomorrow and be like "helllll no.  fix it!"

love you all.  xoxo.

9* JoAnNa

rainy days & bras. (ooh!) [10 Jul 2006|02:46pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

so, it's been raining a lot here in dear old cleveland.  yay.

i watched family stone last night and laughed my butt off.  luke wilson was hilarious in it.  i heart him.

and i got some new clothing that goes under my clothing.  FINALLY.

that's it.  i miss you peoples.

oh, and i met a girl named kirsten.  she's neato.  and her little brother is a hoot.  and we both have the same favorite color.  yay.

leave some love.  thanks a mil.


2* JoAnNa

devils & chasing after the ice cream man. [04 Jul 2006|04:35pm]
[ mood | supa happy. yo. ]

kim and i went to see the devil wears prada yesterday.  it was super duper.  her boyfriend was GORGEOUSSSSS.  rawrrr.  but it was super good.  and then we went to dewey's for hot chocolate.

today we went for a super long hike, uh..in the rain.  haha.  it was nice though, because there was a 60-foot waterfall at the end.  yay.

and then we chased after the ice cream man.  i was like "damn you, ice cream man!  come back here and give me ice cream!"  so we eventually caught up to him, and he was really nice.  i totally got a sonic the hedgehog thingie.  it was blue rasberry, and now my lips are a tad purple (yes in time to go out to dinner.  joy.)


and happy birthday to my cousin josh.  <3  he's 21 today.  holy crap.  i remember when he was 15.  haha.  ahhh i miss them already.  my cousins, i mean.  haha.

xoxo.  i love you all.

8* JoAnNa

skirts & the holocaust. [02 Jul 2006|11:29pm]
[ mood | painted. (we did a makeoverr.) ]

i saw an old man in the grocery store today that had a tattoo from being in a concentration camp, and i seriously almost started crying.  it made me really sad.

kim and i did mini-makeovers, so i'm wearing a skirt right now.  yay.

and listening to the fray makes us think about past loves and get a little emo.

and i did kim's makeup.  and she looks uber hot (like always).

i officially have three dollars left of my allowance for this month.  and yes, it is the second.  alksdjflsd.

a few days ago was kill something day.  so i killed a bunch of ants.  HA!

and we weren't allowed to rent movies from blockbuster, so i cussed the guy out in my head (and sometimes out of my mouth) all the way home.  but we did get sodas, skittles, and bottle caps (you know you love it.)

leave some love please.   xoxo

3* JoAnNa

rainstorms & rapids. [29 Jun 2006|11:02am]
[ mood | i like this guy a whole bunch. ]

kim and i went to the movies yesterday (we saw the lake house.  it was good.  really good.  but not as funny as nachoooo.  go see it.) adn we rode the rapid for the first time on our own.  yayyy.  claps for us.  and we didn't get lost or anything.  it was great.  and we got ice cream.  yay.

today we're going shopping for a certain someone's birthday present.  and then we're going to baskin robbins with this girl named jenna who lives on my street and is very nicely talking to me so i'm not completely alone here.

last night, we were driving back from dinner, and we had to stop and get gas.  we were just sitting in the car minding our own business, and then we saw this huge cloud above us.  i kept saying it was smog and how we were polluting the environment, but it was really a huge rain cloud.  and, man, we got a lot of rain.

and apparently, so did bingy?  i have no idea if my friends are okay or nottttt.  haha, now that i think about it, it's probably no big deal and i'm freaking out for no reason.  arhghhh.

i haven't charged my cell phone in like....5 days.  sorry if you were trying to reach me.  i just don't get around to things.

so leave some love!  fool.  or else i'll come to your house and smack you.  rawrrrr.

3* JoAnNa

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